Reading and Writing Assignments
It is important that you complete the reading and writing home assignments by the date due.
You can keep up with the development of the course and contribute intelligently to class and group discussions by being prepared in this way. For each credit (1 hour of course time) it is expected that you will put in 2-3 hours of time on homework/preparation. Since this is a 3-credit course, you should plan to spend a minimum of six (6) hours per week on homework, reading and studying for the course.
Written home assignments must be typewritten. Use a 12 point font, 1” margins at the top and bottom and 1.5” margins on the left and right sides of each page. Double-space your writing. Please include a heading on each assignment. Insert a header and include your name and date on the top left-hand corner and the course name and number, my name, and the assignment in the top right-hand corner.
Class Participation
The best way for you to develop your ability to think critically is to be actively involved in the class. This means coming prepared, being attentive in class, taking notes, and participating in class and group discussions. Thoughtful participation in class will be a significant consideration in determining your final grade. Class discussion continues on Bb, the blog, and the wiki.
Attendance and Lateness
You are allowed a maximum of four (4) HOURS of absences. If you are absent on one Saturday, this equals three (3) hours. You are then allowed one (1) more hour of absence. This is college policy. Three (3) latenesses or requests to leave class early will be equivalent to one hour of absence. If you arrive more than 50 minutes late you will be marked absent. Excessive absence may result in failing the course.
Electronic Devices
Turn off all cell-phones, beepers and other electronic devices before class begins.