Critical thinking is used in every aspect of our lives; whether its making a decision about a family concern or which career path we would like to make in our lives. Critical thinking can be used in our educational experiences. Many courses are interrelated with critical thinking. One of my favorite courses that has a lot to do with critical thinking is Sociology. Sociology has a lot to do with society; it explains how society functions. Many times individuals do not look at the big picture. Many instead concentrate on the smaller picture, they focus on what affects them. Sociology teaches us to evaluate situations and learn how be unbiased in the situation. We have to take ourselves out of the situation and look at the situation as a whole. Critical thinking relates to Sociology because it also takes the same approaches when dealing with a situation. Critical thinking allows us to check our emotions at the door and base our concerns or opinions on fact. In every subject we take whether its Economics, English, Math etc. critical thinking is crucial.