Emotions can blind us from reality. It blinds us from seeing the consequences of our actions. When I was younger I always had a soft spot for unfortunate stray animals, particularly cats. My cousin and i always tried to save stray cats from our neighborhood. We would feed them, hold them and play with them. We knew that the more we fed these cats, the more they would return to our doorstep. Our family was strictly against animals and what made it worst was if the stray cat was black, our family could be extremely superstitious. If we were caught, we know we ran the risk our getting our butts whipped, but at the time we did not care. Furthermore, we took the next step by allowing the cat a place to stay in our garage we felt bad with the cat meowing in front of our doorstep. What we didn't know was the cat was pregnant, we just thought it was plump, healthy cat. Needless to say, the cat had its babies in our garage and needless to say our behind were grass.