Alisha Mills
CRT 100/9M1
Prof. Cynthia Wiseman

Activity 1
I selected for this assignment. Cosmopolitan is a magazine designed strictly for women. Many of the figures on the site were young women. Also, many of the topics of interest included that which mostly concerns that particular group. For instance, one of the advertisements on the site included a birth control product called NuvaRing.
The website was adorned with yellow, pink, and light purple- all bright, friendly, and fun colors. In addition, there were many links for beauty tips and fashion. What I found very overwhelming was the amount of sexual material posted on the site. I was also amazed at how graphic they were about the information presented. One of the many sexually suggestive links that caught my eye was “30 Things To Do with a Naked Man”. Posted at the bottom of the page is a link for a poll of the sex position of the week. It is apparent that sex was used as a method to spark the interest of young girls and women who are driven by fashion and are open to having casual sexual relationships with men. On a more positive note, there was a link available for questions on sexual health. Most of them were in reference to the female anatomy and some issues young women encounter in their adolescence or adulthood.

Activity 2
Question of fact- Who are the actors performing in this play, what are their backgrounds, and what interest do they have in presenting a controversial play such as this?
Question of interpretation- Did the famous Broadway play Rent have any influence in their decision to launch this project?

Question of analysis- How they expect this idea to not only broaden the views of others, but affect their lives as well?

Question of synthesis- Can they use this flowering idea as a means to enlighten students in public schools all around the United States about the effects of the deadly virus? And can it also promote advocacy for individuals infected with the deadly disease?

Question of evaluation- Is the material being presented going to spark an outcry from parents, religious leaders and educators alike?

Question of application- Seeing that there are many parents that have been outraged by an attempt to spread the practice of safe sex through the distribution of condoms, is there a way for the students to reach out to parents and educators as well as students?

Activity 3
  1. no- school teachers taught us why the earth is round
  2. yes- my life changed once I began to study the teachings of the Bible
  3. yes- the bible says “thou shalt not kill”
  4. not sure-
  5. no- I am interested in becoming a medical professional

Activity 4
Everyone should have the right to a good education whether they can afford it or not- Some people read at a grade school level. It is partly because their families could not afford to send them to school. Consequently, some get stuck at dead end jobs.
Those who can afford a higher education are free to pursue it; those who cannot afford it should find another means to make a profitable living. Someone may take this view because they feel the funding for the prestigious educational institutions would be limited if it were not for profitable gain.

Activity 5
· pop culture icon
· wealthy celebrity
pop-culture icon- Originally part of the former group known as Destinys Child which sold more than 50 million records worldwide she became an internationally known solo artist. In 2004, she won five Grammy awards in one night and is also known as an up and coming actress for her roles in motion pictures such as Fighting Temptations, Dream Girls and Cadillac Records.
wealthy celebrity- She has launched a family fashion line called House of Dereon and is currently endorsing reputable names such as Pepsi, Tommy Hilfiger, and L’Oreal.

Beyonce Knowles has been able to reach the ears of both the young and older crowds by adding a bit of funk to her already soulful music. People all around the world buy her albums because her voice and moves have become that which is both appealing and entertaining. Endorsements from big names in the pop industry have given her a boost in publicity. She then uses income to invest in her own clothing line where she is also able to influence the pop-culture once again through fashion. As a result, she becomes wealthier. Without her appeal and her ability to entertain the pop-audience , she would not be the influential, money making, singing, dancing machine that she is today- all in the making of a pop-icon and wealthy celebrity.