Alisha Mills
CRT 100/9M1
Prof. Cynthia Wiseman

I. This course would help me in many different areas of my life. In terms of education, it would help to develop a better understanding of the courses I am studying. It would prompt me to ask more questions and become more engaged in learning the material.
II. Critical thinking skills would enable me to become a better learner, listener, and thinker. It would also help me with problem solving and reasoning. This would ultimately change my life by enabling me to become more effective and efficient in every endeavor.
III. I’ve always wanted to become a doctor. Yet I always anticipated obstacles blocking my way to success. For instance, mathematics was my weakest subject in school. I chose to accept that reality. However, I refused to challenge myself by finding ways to become a better math student. This critical thinking course will empower me to do just that.
IV. The other course I am presently taking is BIO 220. This course requires a lot of reading comprehension and critical thinking.
V. Critical thinking is an integral part of any science course.
VI. Each topic supports each idea. For example, critical thinking requires good listening skills, and good listening skills require an open mind. This course will enable me to become a critical thinker because it will help me to think in a clear and organized manner.
VII. Critical thinking will allow me to evolve into a more effective and efficient person.

I. What do I aspire to be? What are the options I have in reaching that goal?

EXERCISE PART 2- Questions
What are some concrete things that I can do to…
improve my job performance- schedule time for problem shooting and brainstorming

to make better grades- search for different activities that are related to the subject I am studying
to meet new people- join volunteer groups
to read more effectively- change reading material to something more advanced ie: science journals
to make the subject matter of this course meaningful- use the methods that are suggested in Chapter 2 about discussing ideas in an organized fashion- especially when it comes to my colleagues

1. Is there a better way for me to handle caring for my grandmother while taking care of my personal responsibilities?
2. How can I become a more focused in my thinking?
    1. Have you set up a schedule to perform your daily tasks and if so, have you been consistent with it?
    2. Have you diligently sought help from people who are more knowledgeable in elder care and support for caregivers?

Describe a situation in which your emotions led you astray in your reasoning
In my decision to avoid my stepmother, I have inadvertently neglected my half brother and sister
Describe a situation in which your emotions made a positive contribution to your reasoning
Once I saw that my boss and I weren’t getting along to well, I decided to take more initiative in offering additional help wherever it was needed.