Eric Whetstone
Critical Thinking
Professor Cynthia Wiseman
Week 4
Saturday, March 03, 2009

Analyzing Perceptions

(1) Describe as specifically as possible what you perceive is taking place the picture.

The boy in the picture seems to be brainstorming over ideas about what he wants to do. He looks to be thinking about if he wants to write, or; possibly do work on the laptop. Then maybe he could want to put off whatever it is wondering about until later and go outside and enjoy the day. Although, it looks like he is looking at the pencil in his hand, but no paper to write with. Also, it appears to me that something from outside has caught his eye. But nevertheless, his sitting at the table shows that he has intentions to do something because; if not, he probably wouldn’t be sitting there in the first place. Unless his done with what it is that he wanted to do, and now he’s thinking what else is there to do?

(2) Describe what you think will happen next.

I think that he will get up, and wonder away from the table. Maybe he will go to kitchen to get a bit to eat. He may stand at the window or open the window to enjoy how nice it is outside. Also, he may just walk away for a minute so that he can come back refocus.

(3) Identify the details of the picture that led you to your perceptions.

The computer being so far away from him leads me to believe that he is first with or he has started yet. He’s body posture tells me that maybe finished, or; that he hasn’t writer’s block and he can figure out what he wants to write.

(4) Compare your perceptions with the perceptions of other students in the class. List several perceptions that differ from yours.

My perceptions compare to Ms, Alam, seems to be the same in terms of the boy looking out the window, and different in terms of the boy doing some kind of assignment for school. It seems more to me that the boy doing some free thinking.

Explain why each witness describes the suspect differently. Have you ever been involved in a situation in which people described an individual or event in contrasting or conflicting way? What is the artist saying about people’s perceptions?

Activity 2

Explain why each witness describes the suspect differently.

He was a real tall guy dressed normally with light dry hair.

This character sees the suspect as normal, but points out that his hair dry. The character himself is dressed similar to the suspect, so besides that the suspect’s hair that is the only difference he sees. This witness probably thinks that the suspect may be a professional like he appears to be.

He was a healthy good looking young kid, but dressed rather shabbily.

This character’s view of the suspect is different from the first persons view, because he looks at the suspect as being a kid who dresses lousy. Where as the first person look at as being normal. This witness is probably use too seeing kids dress with their pants around their ankles.

He was a real big and real old.

The kid in this character appears to only see the suspect as big and old, which is totally different from the other two characters, that where able to pick out particular aspects of the suspects appearance. The kid more or less only sees the suspect as an adult or authority figure.

He was a well dressed sort, a little overweight and with a lot of hair.

Unlike, the first two witnesses this person judges the suspect by his body and hair length. Judging by this character being overweight, he is probably quick to judge someone else for being overweight, being that he may be conscious about his own.

I remember he had a large head and he smelled funny.

This character examines the suspects head size, and body the way the persons body smells. Judging by the size of this character's nose he probably thinks everyone smells

He was surely a westerner.

Judging by this character's head wrap, it is possible that he isn't from America, and is use to placing different people into different categories in an effort to understand them.

He was scrawny little short haired twerp from back east.

This character is from a part of the south where it seems like he doesn't like people from the north. Thus, he judges the character with a lot of negative emotion.

He had dark hair and a cute nose a real doll.

The female character judges the suspects with emotion, but from a positive point of view.

He was a rough furry guy with little beady eyes probably inedible.

Even the furry thing judges or has an opinion about the suspect, although whatever it is can't even develop a real thought.

What is the artist saying about people's perceptions?

Basically, I think what the other is trying to say is that no matter who we are, or whatever background we come from, or how we look we are all difference in some way, and we will always have an opinion.